Friday, April 17, 2015

It's been a while..... A long long while indeed

My last post was January 2014,  over 15 months ago!!!!! My Apologies indeed

Guess things were going well? Not necessarily so,  not completely bad either,  just ok.....

So what's happened in between??

Well,  I met a awesome lady that I fell utterly I love with...

Went on a small holiday to langkawi with one of my best friends and her boyfriend where on a scooter trip I almost lost my kerasoft lens due to friction of wind .

And in June 2014 I moved (reluctantly) back to the UK, the project that had brought me here had collapsed and therefore my boss saw no reason to keep me in Malaysia and send me back....

So, suddenly I was back in the UK, my girlfriend and her kids still in Malaysia and things were a bit strained for a while,  but luckily she still thinks I'm special enough to stick around for me and I'm planning to go over soon and solidify our relationship.

And also,  much to my shame,  due to change in temperature, daily routine and eating habits and other reasons I ended up adding a stone back to my weight ... 

As for my eyes....  Well....  My Kerasoft lenses didn't take kind to the British weather,  seemingly the difference in atmosphere and humidity had an effect on the form and fit of the lens.

So I ended up having to switch contacts and get a new RGP......  On top of that the RGP didn't seem to get my eyes clear enough to be able to drive... And as for work,  I needed glasses on top of it again and a large screen laptop...... So in short,  at the moment things are  ticking along slowly and steadily....  Not necessarily anything to write home about I guess...

But hopefully soon I might have something to write about indeed....  As, as i have pointed out before,  despite functioning fairly normal most of the time,  I do have some issues with depth and width perception at times....  And i have found that I'm starting to use that more and more as an excuse,  and whereas in "the beginning"  I was keen on Challenging myself out of my comfort zone....  Pushing myself to find ways around obstacles that I either encountered in reality or obstacles I creates in my head..

And so,  I have decided,  (motivated and inspired by my old friend Alexis who's been running a couple of "mud-run's") to tackle a obstacle / mud-run myself in September,  up in Scotland,  just outside Edinburgh,

I'm intending to do so whilst trying to raise money and awareness for Keratoconus by aligning me to the moorfields eye hospital charity,  which is in aid towards amongst others research into Keratoconus   with moorfields being the leading hospital in the UK with expertise in the Keratoconus field it makes all the more sense to me to raise money for them.
In fact,  should you be so inclined,  you can make a donation via my page: It's easy, fast and totally secure.

So get ready for some annoying posts on my progress towards this run,  and leave some supportive messages if you want 

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